Cheating: Why Women and Men Cheat

Women are often told the men always cheat! Men are told that they are cheaters by nature and can not help. In addition, it often seems so are encouraged to cheat the men. It is suggested that you will never feel complete without masse to enchant women. In reality, everyone is cheating in any manner: animals, people, men & women.

A lot of women after they have determined that your partner is unfaithful, the question of why? Why he cheated on me? As if they were completely innocent and could not explain it to yourself. If a woman cheats a man must always have been a reason. He treated her poorly or could not be, he was an asshole or jerk his man. Whenever a man cheats, he cheats because he happens to be a man, but in reality, men cheat for the same reasons as women. It’s not about male or female, it’s always about the people, for not everyone is able to be faithful.

Men do not cheat because they are addicted to sex across the board. Do not jump at every opportunity between the legs of a hot woman. Perhaps it is due to our overly sexualized media. Although there occasionally and the wonderful image of monogamous relationships is propagated. It is of course many causes play a role and the above points were pure speculation.

I did rather think can answer the key question simple: It almost always has good Reasons To cheat that move us to our partners:

  1. There is something missing in the relationship preventing us being happy, or
  2. you were never really willing to be in a committed relationship.

Tiger Woods is a good example of how the desire for success and power can take over the relationship. On his way to the top of his ego was pushed powerful. He was hailed as a top athlete, looked good and was extremely rich. He has become accustomed to every woman lying at his feet and could not say no.

However, his wife was objectively more attractive than its affairs. But he was on a level where he would have never thought to be caught. Our ego speaks to us to be one of the best and inevitably doomed to fail us.

If you’re in a relationship and play with the idea to give it a fling or to seek professional services to complete, they should ask themselves what reasons they induce. The second (much more difficult) question is: Do you want to talk to their partner about it? Sometimes, especially when you yourself is still uncertain, it is better to say nothing. If the partner is unfaithful is always very hurtful for the dupes and has often ended extremely strong relationships.